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Drop your body hang ups, worry’s, fears and self loathing thoughts and find a place where you are at peace with your body. A place where your body doesn’t take up much of your thoughts, feelings and energy. 

Turn the volume down on the inner voice that keeps making you think that without the perfect body you will never be perfect, and break free from the negative thoughts, behaviours and beliefs about your body with my 105 minute webinar. 


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Do you find yourself caught up in thoughts of wanting to change your body?

Talking to it badly?

Pushing it to its limits to try and change it?

Do you find yourself working so hard to make peace with it, but in turn see it become more of a worry and stress in your life?


Truth is, breaking free from negative body image and the constant battle of finding acceptance, love and respect for it doesn't come from trying to make it look a certain way. It doesn’t come from trying to find peace with how it looks, it comes from trying to find peace with yourself and learning to find what you are looking for from the inside. 


Together we will unlock exactly what it takes to find a place where you go a whole day/week/month/year without talking badly to it, wishing it looked different and putting it through so much stress and negative energy to make it look a certain way and we will completely reset the relationship and thoughts you have towards it. 


We will unlock exactly what it is you are looking for and how you can truly break up with the never ending battle and toxic relationship you have with it. Break free from the cycle and do the work on ourselves that will in turn, change the way you think about your body. 

I spent years battling with my body image, how disgustingly I spoke to it, treated it, moved it and fed it. I gave so much negative attention & energy to it and how I could change it. ⁣I spent so much time trying to build a loving relationship with it, but it was all making it worse. 


Hey I'm Becki, a Life, Business and empowerment coach. Having started my career in the wellness industry as a fitness professional and personal trainer, my aim was to support women to break free from negative body image and learn to find a fitness journey that truly came from a place of loving themselves and their bodies enough. After working with 100s of women with low self worth and body confidence, whilst also having gone through my own journey, let me show you what it truly takes and how you absolutely can find a place where it isn’t causing you stress, worry and unhappiness. 


Join me as I share what it truly took to break free from the negative cycle and find a place where it doesn’t shape my identity. I will share what tools and habits you can implement to help you break up with bad body image, find peace and learn to love and respect your body, give her what she needs and watch the rest all fall into place. 


I will help you finally learn to make a friendship and loving relationship with the inside, so that you glow on the outside and all your hang ups fade away. 


True results, true transformation, lies beneath the skin. 


Please note you will be purchasing the replay of the live workshop. You will still have unlimited, on demand access to it. You will also find a complimentary workbook for this workshop alongside your replay. 


You find yourself in constant cycles of hate with your body, going from restrictive diet, to fad, to over-exercising 

You spend a lot of time thinking about your body, and your body image plays a huge role in your overall happiness and feelings throughout the day

You find yourself talking badly to, and about, your body

You have spent years trying to work to improve your body image but nothing seems to be helping

You want to break free from diet culture, calorie counting, yoyo weightloss and dieting

You find yourself caught up in self loathing thoughts and behaviours 

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