Break free from negative thinking patterns, overcome fear, worry and self neglect and leave behind the sabotaging behaviours that have been holding you back from becoming your brightest and most confident self with this 120 minute workshop. 

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If you haven’t been able to attend one of our GET LIT live events, this is for you.

Whether you are stuck in a rut of low self belief, a cycle of negative thoughts and feelings towards yourself and the world, or you are finding yourself in repeating patterns, getting caught up in judgement, comparison, gossip and the fear that you are not enough - this is for you.

I promise you, this webinar is your sure fire way to step into your most L I T U P, motivated, high vibe self.

Together, I will help you see exactly why you are staying stuck in the negative thinking cycle and why no change is happening in your life because of it. I will help you remove the limiting blocks that build up your belief system, say goodbye to self-sabotage & false truths, and guide you towards unlocking the most LIT UP version of you yet so that you can do and be all that you dream of.

I will share what it truly means to be your most lit up self, how you are keeping yourself stuck as well as my top tips, truths, tools, strategies, habits and beliefs that you can implement into your everyday life that will help you light up.

Becoming your most LIT UP self is about changing your energy, getting clear on what has been holding you back and implementing new beliefs habits and behaviours that will take you places. Whether you want to step into your most confident self to start a business, find your worth in a relationship, get on top of your health, master your friendships, showing up as your best version of you, will help you in every element of your life.

I will be sharing with you exactly how to go from self doubting + self sabotaging to stepping up and shining bright.


What it truly means to be LIT. 

Understanding how your thoughts, beliefs and how they affect your reality. 

Ditching your limiting beliefs and turning them into LIT UP ones.

Practical tools, exercises and strategies to help you drop the negative talk and step up.

Overcoming fears that have been holding you back and keeping you safe.

Finally get you out of the repeating cycles of negative self talk, judgement, comparison and doubt in your own unique abilities. 

Becoming aware of the habits that keep you stuck and implementing new ones that will make huge changes to your life, self worth and overall happiness! 

My tips for becoming your most lit up, confident and happy self.



If you are someone who is always holding back on the things you want to do because you get caught up in what everyone else is doing and all the reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t 

If you are someone who knows deep down you have the abilities, drive and passion to do so much more but you are worried about failing, or what people might say

If you have been in cycles of negative self talk, low self esteem, confidence or lacking in motivation. 

You are constantly comparing yourself to how you measure up to others

You find yourself in toxic friendships and relationships constantly being let down by others

You find yourself seeking validation from others

Get access now for just £11.99 (usually £22.22)

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