A workshop on embracing the single life and thriving on your own without relying on a partner to make you feel whole.

Join empowerment and mindset coaches, Megan Rose Lane and Becki Rabin as they take you through the process that will help you to honour being single, feel confident and comfortable on your own, and break free from the behaviours and toxic situations that are holding you back from manifesting all that you want and truly deserve for your life. It’s time to raise your self worth and stop doubting your own greatness. 

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Let go of the past, break free from self doubt, heal your hurts and finally step into the confident, powerful, independent queen that you are. You are whole and complete as you are and there is so much joy and liberation to be found in being single when you embrace and lean into it. Let us show you how...


Whether you’re wanting to learn how to feel whole on your own, raise your standards, get clear on your values and boundaries, break repeating dating patterns, overcome heartbreak or step away from a relationship that you feel isn’t serving your highest good, this workshop is for you. 


Struggling with the reality of being alone, and feeling like something is missing when you’re without a partner

Looking to men for validation, self-worth and approval but end up feeling rejected and worthless

Throwing your happiness and self worth in the air and waiting for a man to catch it

Constantly attracting the same type of guy and allow the way they treat you to affect your happiness and mood

Feeling trapped in relationships that aren’t serving you but are scared to break free and be alone

Wanting to get clear on your values, boundaries and expectations in a relationship so that you can feel empowered alone


How to let go of the past and overcome heartbreak

How to get raise your standards and increase your self worth

How to set healthy boundaries and get clear on your values

How to cultivate joy for being single and drop the negative stories around being on your own 

Self care and love rituals that will raise your worth and leave you feeling confident, whole and complete as a single woman 

How to see red flags and communicate your needs when you start dating again

Plus Q+A


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