Are you ready to get yourself into the energy that is attractive to the committed loyal and loving partner you truly deserve?

To stop settling for gaslighting, ghosting, non commitment and partners you know are not right for you?

To get clear on what it is that you really want from a relationship and learn to implement boundaries that mean you don’t settle for anything less?

Are you ready to let go of the destructive patterns and repeating behaviours that leave you feeling let down over and over again by romantic partners?

Learn the steps to manifesting the kind of relationship you know you deserve...

This two hour workshop + Q+A was created to support you on the journey to manifesting your ideal dream partner. 

I share with you the key manifesting tools and rituals I implemented in the few months before I met my ideal partner after years of dating emotionally unavailable men that wouldn’t commit. 



This workshop will help you uncover what you truly want in a partner, how you want to feel and will help you step into the vibration that is attractive to the relationship you DESERVE. 


I share my top manifesting rituals practices and habits I did in the months leading up to meeting Matt and how it differed to what I was doing before. I had always been manifesting but the few months leading up to Matt a few things shifted and I implemented some new rituals. 

I am so excited to help you manifest the partner you TRULY deserve. 

Learn how to manage ghosting and breadcrumbing, how to effectively get clear on what you want and learn to communicate it and to stop settling for far less than you deserver

All my love, B xx